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Ready-made mobile applications for business and entertainment, applications developed by our partners. Buying a ready-made mobile application, you get all the source codes and installation is performed on your server.

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Model: 1.0.0
Mobile application for flower deliveryReady mobile application for flower shop and flower delivery serviceEncourage repeat sales with the mobile app! Notify all customers about upcoming holidays and Your promotions with free push-notification technology.Open notifications - more than 90%! ... Flowe..
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Mobile app for Bulletin Board
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Model: приложения
Mobile app + website for Bulletin BoardReady-made solution to run your own Bulletin Board in a mobile application like Avito or OLXStart and setup in 5 days.The source code of the script is written in PHP and open. The programmer is not limited by anything. Those who are familiar with PHP, will be a..
Model: 1
Mobile applications for cafes and restaurants:The ready-made mobile application is one of the tools of the restaurant business and food delivery services, able to optimize workflows, increase the average check and build a personalized marketing policy. And what mobile application will be useful to t..
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