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Not a month passes without the launch of new platforms and mobile app builder designers on the market. All of them

this is a drag&drop platform with ready-made features and monthly rental. These solutions are very

standardized and do not allow you to develop and control your application. We are removing these limitations

with NWICODE CMS, an open source and free app Builder.

Easily install the CMS mobile app on your hosting server

Easily install the CMS mobile app on your hosting server

Like any web CMS, you will have to install Nwicode on your web server. After downloading the files, the installer will perform the entire installation. Just 3 simple steps, similar to any web CMS installation. Then simply log in to the back end and create the application.

Use pre - created functions or create your own

After installing the CMS on your server, you will have access to the application designer. All you have to do is choose from a variety of templates and features already integrated into the platform. Because the code is yours, you can tailor features to your needs, find new ones on the market, or create your own.

CMS in web languages (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript), well adapted for developers and web

companies that do not have their skills in developing mobile applications.

Ownership and ownership is a major issue for many users

The way online platforms work can be compared to the old mobile operator restriction. When you wanted

go from one operator to another, you had to change your phone number. It's the same now with online

platforms and applications. If you change the platform, it will be extremely difficult to get the code and certificates required to update the application. When you move from one provider to another, you will lose all your work and existing users.

Many users, as well as web agencies, can not take such risks for their customers.

Offering its own open source solution, the Nwicode CMS allows everyone to have ownership,

manage your mobile application by installing it on any hosting. "Many users of online application factories

disappointed because they can't retain ownership of their apps. What if

will the company go bankrupt?

Good start and some ambitious improvements

CMS Nwicode has received more than 3,000 downloads after a three-month beta period.

We have an ambitious goal-to make Nwicode a world leader in cross-platform mobile applications. We are planning to introduce your open source solution like WordPress has made the market of the web site.